Building toward a better energy future

Renew Home is leveraging technology to better manage home energy usage, helping people be more efficient and save money while promoting a cleaner grid for everyone.

Our work helps families like this one spend more time together, which users really appreciate about us.Our work helps families like this one spend more time together, which users really appreciate about us.
We help homes across the country save energy, which users really appreciate about us.

Why Renew Home?

We have the tools and technology today to transition to using more renewable energy. As the electrical grid responds to increased demand, energy prices continue to rise. Now more than ever, we need an affordable path toward renewable energy use.

Renew Home builds energy solutions for a sustainable future. Founded by the teams behind Google’s Nest Renew™ and OhmConnect, our home energy management platform integrates with partners to provide users with a seamless, energy-saving experience.

We are changing how people use power every day, enabling them to save on energy costs and be part of a huge collective impact on climate goals. Backed by Sidewalk Infrastructure Partners, we’re in this for the long haul.

Our Leadership Team

The Renew Home team brings decades of experience in energy markets, renewables, and consumer tech.

Ben Brown, Chief Executive Officer
Ben Brown

Chief Executive Officer

Before joining Renew Home, Ben led many Nest and Google Home consumer products and services and was one of the founding members of Google Wifi and Google Home. Prior to Google, he developed climate and energy tools for the UN, DOE, and EPA.

Parag Chokshi, Chief Operating Officer
Parag Chokshi

Chief Operating Officer

Prior to Renew Home, Parag led Product Strategy and Operations for Nest Renew™. During his time at Google, Parag oversaw Nest’s security products, thermostat and energy services, connectivity portfolio, and other consumer technologies all with a focus on growth, profitability, and operational excellence.

Melissa Caldwell, Chief Marketing Officer
Melissa Caldwell

Chief Marketing Officer

Prior to Renew Home, Melissa was the Chief Customer Officer at OhmConnect, where she led marketing, customer experience, product, and design. Before OhmConnect, she led Capital One’s Credit Card Digital Marketing team. She also worked with startups for Pritzker Venture Capital Group and Drivemode (acquired by Honda).

Cadir Lee, Chief Technology Officer
Cadir Lee

Chief Technology Officer

Before Renew Home, Cadir was CTO of OhmConnect, overseeing all technical and product development efforts. Previously he served as CTO at Zynga, developing its technology, data, and machine-learning platforms. He also founded and took public, where he served as CTO.

Jeff Gleeson, Chief Product Officer
Jeff Gleeson

Chief Product Officer

Prior to joining Renew Home, Jeff served as product lead for home energy and security subscription services at Google Nest, where he helped grow the energy business with products like Nest Renew™ and Rush Hour Rewards. Before Google, he led PG&E’s Customer Energy Solutions Team.

Sanjay Ranchod, Chief Legal Officer
Sanjay Ranchod

Chief Legal Officer

Before Renew Home, Sanjay was the General Counsel of OhmConnect, where he was responsible for the company's legal and regulatory affairs. He previously held leadership roles at other mission-driven companies, including SolarCity and Tesla, and he serves as a commissioner on the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission.

Elena Fintzi, SVP Engineering
Elena Fintzi

SVP Engineering

Prior to Renew Home, Elena was the SVP of Engineering at OhmConnect in charge of product development, deployment, and operations, helping to scale residential demand response to achieve a carbon-neutral future. Before OhmConnect, she served as Senior Director of Engineering at

David Cooper, Chief Financial Officer
David Cooper

Chief Financial Officer

Before joining Renew Home, David served as CFO for OhmConnect. He’s helped lead startups and Fortune 500s through rapid growth, transformation, and public offerings, including CFO roles at Ripple Foods, Tile, Premier Nutrition Corporation, Satmetrix Systems, Inc., and

Matt Duesterberg, Chief Revenue Officer
Matt Duesterberg

Chief Revenue Officer

Before Renew Home, Matt co-founded OhmConnect, and most recently served as President of the company. Prior to OhmConnect, Matt ran the data science division at DataRaker, which was acquired by Oracle. He got his start in the energy industry trading futures for DC Energy.

Cisco DeVries, Executive Vice President
Cisco DeVries

Executive Vice President

Previously Cisco was CEO of OhmConnect, where he championed helping households reduce their energy use during peak times. Before OhmConnect, he co-founded Renew Financial to finance clean energy projects. He also worked in local and federal government, including as an appointee during the Clinton Administration to a role at the U.S. Department of Energy.

Melissa Zucker, VP, People & Places
Melissa Zucker

VP, People & Places

Melissa brings nearly three decades of experience in human resources to Renew Home. She previously led HR for high-growth energy startups including OhmConnect, SunPower, Renew Financial, and Solaria Corp. as a HRCI certified Senior Professional in Human Resources.

Curtis Tongue, Chief Strategy Officer
Curtis Tongue

Chief Strategy Officer

Prior to joining Renew Home, Curtis co-founded OhmConnect. He served as Chief Strategy Officer, building the world’s first market-integrated virtual power plant. He’s focused his career on unlocking the latent power hidden at the intersection of home devices, shifting electricity demand, and consumer behavior.

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