Collective ideas for better energy

We’re creating energy management solutions that help millions of people optimize their home energy use.

Who we work with

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Our partners play a vital role in turning neighborhoods like this into virtual power plants.
Energy Providers and Demand Response Programs

Virtual power plants unlock grid flexibility for providers and savings and rewards for customers.

Smart thermostats from our tech partners help us make energy management simple.
Home Device Makers

Integrated energy management tools for everything from thermostats and appliances to battery storage and EVs.

Home service partners help us install and optimize energy-saving solutions both inside and outside homes like these.
Home Services Providers

Useful energy data and insights built into your user experience to strengthen customer relationships.

Our Approach

Making the energy grid cleaner and more resilient requires collaboration and true partnership across the industry. Renew Home exists to make that possible.

Our partners amplify energy savings across their platforms with modules like these.

Partner-Centered Platform

Whether you need to leverage the value of a virtual power plant, want to engage and retain customers with delightful, helpful energy experiences, or wish to drive product interest (and revenue) with intuitive energy features, we have a solution.

Our flexible technology platform connects intuitive energy-user experiences with your business, product, and customer goals.

User-First Energy Innovation

VPPs only work if users participate. Energy management experiences only drive retention if they’re helpful and delightful. And energy features only deepen product interest if they’re well-designed with a real understanding of user needs and behaviors.

What sets Renew Home apart is our unique ability to deliver engaging user-centric home energy experiences, leveraging our collective decades of energy-user and product design experience.

Our partners help everyone save energy in their homes so families like these can focus on other things.
Our Partners
Join us in connecting millions of homes to smart energy solutions.
Is Rush Hour Rewards changing?

Rush Hour Rewards (RHR) will be operated and managed by Renew Home going forward. We will be working hard to improve and expand the features offered to our customers.

Do you work with devices and partners outside of Google?

Renew Home is a totally independent entity, and Google is just one partner. Our partner platform and tech stack are designed to integrate with all kinds of utility and demand response programs, home devices, and home services.

What does partnership entail?

We’ve worked with all kinds and sizes of partners to find ways to deliver engaging energy management solutions to users. The best partnerships start with a collaborative conversation. Reach out and let us know what your goals are.