Renew Home delivers energy solutions for homes, industry partners, and more.

The future of clean energy starts at home.

Renew Home helps people prioritize sustainable energy.

In 2024, Nest Renew™ and OhmConnect joined forces to form Renew Home, to build the world’s largest residential virtual power plant. We’re leveraging home energy use to help power the clean energy transition.

Renew Home partners with industry leaders to deliver innovative approaches to home energy management that save people money, create more comfortable homes, and prioritize sustainable living.


Building a 50+ gigawatt virtual power plant, powered by homes

According to the Department of Energy, the US needs up to 160 gigawatts of VPPs by 2030 to address grid capacity needs. VPPs can also reduce grid costs by up to $10 billion annually.*

Renew Home is on track to have 50 gigawatts under control by 2030, as shown here.
Enjoy more moments with your family like this while Renew Home works in the background.
For Consumers

Save energy and earn rewards today.

For Partners

Let’s work together to bring cleaner energy to everyone.

Two children running up stairs in a home with energy managed by Renew Home.
Renew Home feels like a lightbulb moment —we’re seeing real savings on our electric bills.
— Mariah Sandoval, Customer
What happens if I’m a Nest Renew™ customer?

Current Nest Renew™ customers will continue to be able to use the service, uninterrupted.

What happens if I’m an OhmConnect member?

OhmConnect members can continue to save energy and earn rewards, including energy-saving events.

When can I sign up for Renew Home?

Renew Home’s energy management service will be available starting in late 2024.

Can I sign up for energy savings now?

Yes! If you’d like to start saving energy and earning rewards, sign up for OhmConnect.

Renew Home helps turn neighborhoods like this into a virtual power plant.

We’re creating smart solutions for our world’s energy needs.

Join Renew Home in making millions of homes more comfortable, affordable, and sustainable through smart home technology.

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