Frequently Asked Questions

What is Renew Home? How does it work?

Renew Home builds energy solutions for a sustainable future. Our home energy management platform integrates with thermostats, high-load appliances, and other parts of the home to optimize for clean energy and savings for homes.

When will the Renew Home product experience be available and who is it for?

Renew Home will be available for all Nest customers in the U.S. in late 2024. Support for other smart home devices and appliances will follow soon after that.

What does this mean if I’m an OhmConnect member?

For now, nothing changes for your experience! You’ll still get energy savings events, and earn rewards for saving energy when it matters most. We will transition OhmConnect members to Renew Home at a later date.

What does this mean if I’m a Nest or Nest Renew™ Customer?

Nest Renew™ will continue to work as it does today, with no immediate changes. We’re developing new features for future versions of the product, to help you get more out of your experience.

Is there something that I can sign up for now?

If you want to be the first to know when you can join Renew Home, sign up for our email list in the footer. If you want to start earning rewards for saving energy today, you can sign up for OhmConnect.

What products and smart home tech will work with Renew Home?

Our Nest thermostat integration is coming soon, so you’ll be able to connect your thermostat and start saving energy automatically. We will be continuing to add new integrations in the future, including other smart thermostats, appliances, and more.

I’d like to partner with Renew Home. Who do I talk to?

Our partner team is always ready to discuss opportunities. Check out our partners page, and contact us to set up a conversation.

I’m a member of the press and want to share your story. Who can I interview?

Our press page includes our latest coverage and press releases. Drop us a note at